Monitoring of the Antelope Valley Settlement Agreement

What is the Antelope Valley Settlement Agreement?

In August 2011, the US Department of Justice (DOJ), Civil Rights Division, launched an investigation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) in response to complaints and allegations of violations of the Fair Housing Act in the Antelope Valley of southern California. Upon completion of their investigation in June 2013, the DOJ issued their findings that the LASD's Lancaster and Palmdale Stations had engaged in a pattern and practice of conducting stops, searches, and seizures that were unreasonable and in violation of the Constitution and federal law.

The LASD and DOJ subsequently entered into negotiations regarding appropriate remedies, and the parties developed the Settlement Agreement, which was ultimately signed and filed with the US District Court for the Central District of California in April 2015. The purpose of the Settlement Agreement is to ensure that the residents of the Antelope Valley are provided with police services that are lawful and fully consistent with the Constitution of the United States and contemporary policing practices.

The sections of the Settlement Agreement are as follows: (click on each for a summary of that section)
  1. Stops, Seizures, and Searches
  2. Bias-Free Policing
  3. Enforcement of Section 8 Compliance
  4. Data Collection and Analysis
  5. Community Engagement
  6. Use of Force
  7. Personnel Complaint Review
  8. Accountability

Monitoring the Settlement Agreement

Dr. Angie Wolf and Joseph Brann serve as lead monitors for the Settlement Agreement. The National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) serves as the administrative organization for the project, which Dr. Wolf manages. The lead monitors and the team they have brought together offer an extensive and diverse pool of skills and experience that will assist in this endeavor.

The monitoring team is responsible for assessing and evaluating the LASD's progress in implementing and achieving the reforms outlined in the Settlement Agreement. Working with LASD and DOJ in a collaborative manner, the monitoring team will help to ensure that the agreed-upon reforms are instituted and that the constitutional policing practices and expectations laid out in the Settlement Agreement are met. In addition to the ongoing community engagement efforts described below, the monitoring team will produce semi-annual (every six months) reports describing progress toward achieving the goals of the Settlement Agreement. You can find these reports in the "Documents and Reports" section below.

The Monitoring Team

Community Engagement

One of the eight key objectives of the Settlement Agreement is to bring about improvements in the way the LASD engages with Antelope Valley community members. The goal of this community engagement is increased communication, understanding, and trust between community members and the department.

The monitors will assess and evaluate LASD's community engagement efforts by attending community meetings and events, engaging with community members, hearing from them through this website, and analyzing the results of an annual community survey that will be carefully designed to seek input from all community members.

The community is invited to reach out to the monitoring team to share observations and concerns and ask any questions related to the Settlement Agreement. Contact Barbara Lona using the information in the "Contact the Monitors" section below. Ms. Lona will direct inquiries to the appropriate team member.

Please note that the role of the monitors in Antelope Valley is limited to the activities and purposes specifically identified in the Settlement Agreement. Community members with questions or comments regarding community or law enforcement issues not related to the Settlement Agreement are encouraged to contact the appropriate government agencies and representatives, many of which are linked below.

Contact the Monitors

By Phone or Mail

Contact Barbara Lona at (800) 306-6223

Media queries may be directed to Erin Hanusa, NCCD Director of Communications, (800) 306-6223

Address mail-in inquiries to

Antelope Valley Monitoring Team
c/o Monitor Angie Wolf
520 3rd Street, Ste. 101
Oakland, CA 94607


How can I contact the monitoring team with a question or concern?
Inquiries and concerns can be sent to Barbara Lona using the contact information above.
How do I make an inquiry or send a question to the Sheriff's Department?
Inquiries and questions can be sent to the Sheriff's Department general email here.
How do I share a comment or complaint about the Sheriff's Department?
Comments and complaints regarding the Sheriff's Department need to be submitted directly to the department on a Commendations and Complaint Form.
This can be done in person at a station, at various community locations such as public libraries, or online.
For more information, click here.
For the online form, click here.
How do I get information about the Community Advisory Committees?
See the Community Advisory Committees links at the Compliance Unit website here.

Documents and Reports